Date: Sunday, May 21, 2023
Place: Hanazono Rugby Ground, Higashiosaka City
Eligibility: Liners Fan Club Members
⚪️ Eligible Members 2022-23 Season
Diamond Membership
Gold Member
Regular Member
Kids Member

*Please remember to bring your membership card.
*Free members are not allowed to attend.

Admission Time

10:45~.Prior admission for Diamond and Gold members
11:00~.Admission for regular and kids members
14:00Admission Deadline
Re-entry until 14:00


MC: Ms. Mika Taniyama, TV personality

The MC will be Mika Taniyama, a familiar face at Hanazono Happy Park.

Exit nave: Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto, Japan
Hobbies: Fishing (one tenya), watching rugby, figure skating, voice training (singing), traveling, drinking alone, visiting dam curry, watching movies, listening to music, YouTube, bungee jumping, golf
Skills: classical ballet (since 3 years old), piano (since 3 years old), fast digestion of stomach, communication with people abroad, rugby imitation (in practice)

MC: Shinya

Shinya, an active rugby comedian, will entertain the crowd before the start of the Fan Appreciation Festival.

Teikyo University Rugby Club alumnus and classmate of Tatsuma Nanto
Birthplace: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Hobby: Rugby/Sauna
Specialties: scrum/lineout/leg extension


11:50~.Rugby comedian Shinya-san makes an appearance
12:00~.Start of Fan Appreciation Festival
Entrance of players, captain’s greeting
12:20~.Rugby Experience
12:50~.Hymn performance by Liners Choir
13:10~.Liner’s Quiz
1:30 p.m.Fun raffle
14:10~.Ceremony for retired players
From 15:00closing ceremony
Greetings from HC Mizuma
15:10Fan Thanksgiving Festival ends
*Please wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes for the rugby experience. Please note that leather shoes, pinwheels, and other footwear that may damage the turf will not be allowed on the field.

A view of the rugby experience at last year’s fan appreciation event.

In front of the Willchair court on the south side of the backstage

10:45 – 14:00

A view of last year’s food area.
Food Sales
Liner’s Gourmet available

Outside concourse

10:45 – 14:00

Best Try Voting
Badge making experience
Liners Coloring Book
2023-24 Season Jersey Design Unveiled & Authentic Jersey Reservations Accepted

Sale of Goods

10:45 – 14:00

Fan Thanksgiving Day Limited Edition Goods
Passenger Happy Bag (Fukubukuro)
Poster Sales
Back Number Crimping Service


Higashi-Osaka Hanazono Rugby Stadium (1-1-1 Matsubara-minami, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka 578-0923, Japan)