February 5, 2023
Hanazono Happy Park is
Happy Valentine’s Day!

We will do it again this year.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Before Valentine’s Day on February 14,
An early Valentine’s Day in Hanazono.
We are looking forward to seeing many visitors.

Liners are on the offensive!
Passenger Flight Campaign

For those who have not seen much of the rugby game.
To spread the joy of the game of rugby and liners,
Sunday, February 5, 2012.
At Hanazono Kintetsu Liners vs Shizuoka Blue Revs,
The “Passenger Flight Campaign” will be held exclusively for fan club members.

Match Details

Date: Sunday, February 5, 2023, 2:30 p.m. kick-off
Place: Hanazono Rugby Ground, Higashiosaka City
Opponent: Shizuoka Blue Revs

▶Match details

Seating map in the stadium

We will attack again this year!
Hanazono Happy Park
Ver. Valentine

February 5 venue map


Liner’s Gourmet appeared!

List of Stores

Store Namemenu
Liners BARLiners Sour, Liners Soda, Draft Beer, Shochu High, Highball, Hot sake, PET Bottle, Churros, *Layman’s Hot Wine with mandarin orange pulp
Liners FOODAustralian Meat Pie, ★Geni Burger with Fries, ★Curry Fifita, ★Hanada Dog, ★Curry Takoyaki, ★Gee Pie Style Fried Chicken, ★Meat Sanmai Donburi
Goldfish (Takoyaki)Takoyaki, fried rice cake, ball konnyaku
Goldfish (grilled on a skewer)grilled beef tongue, grilled top tongue, *niku maki onigiri, grilled pork tongue, sausage
Hakata HachisukeHakata Gyoza, Japanese Chimaki
Hyakulaku pork bun stallHyakulaku Pork Buns, Hyakulaku Yaki-sai
fleeting heartVarious kinds of secret fried chicken, limited fried chicken for every game
K’skitchen.comWild Roast Beef Bowl, Beef Halami Skewer
Takezo KitchenFluffy egg sandwich, pork and egg onigiri
Nakanowoya-Miyawari-ichiCharcoal-grilled yakitori bento, yakitori alone, grilled squid
Tenkushi and Seafood Restaurant HaretenToriten vs. karaage eating comparison set, Toriten/karaage, assorted tempura skewers, Toriten vs. karaage eating comparison bowl, Toriten-don/karaage-don, Ooebi Oonago Tendon, assorted seafood & meat special tempura skewers
BURGER SUEOHamburger, cheeseburger, french fries, potato tiki, mixed juice, *Waimana Burger
Hollywood Blvd.Junkie sandwich (chicken or beef), fried onion rings, caramel popcorn
Chashu Specialty Restaurant AyamaChar-siu pork bowl using Osaka brand pork “Naniwa Pork
Yamato Beef Horumon KiichiGotochi Furufuru Potato, Yamato Beef Horumon Tempura, Fried Chicken, Yamato Beef Horumon Tempura and Potato Set, Triple Set (with Potato, Fried Chicken and Horumon)

Liners Collaboration Menu

Exhibit Booth

Booth NameExhibits
High Risk Corporation (Fluffy)Fluffy (cancelled in case of rain)
public interest incorporated foundation
Donald McDonald House, Inc.
Charities Japan
Fundraising booth
Creation of milk carton donation box
kick target
Higashi-Osaka City (1)
(Soar, Higashi Osaka)
Display of a rear-drawn car that evokes the image of manufacturing in Higashiosaka City
Higashi-Osaka City (2)
(Bicycle Manners Up Campaign)
Promote safe bicycle use
GEORGE BAKERYBaked goods, meal bread, side dish bread, sweet bread
Hakko MotorsLiners’ Wrapped Cars Exhibit
Kochi Prefecture PRProduct sales, PR booth
Osumi Sangyo COCORO UNITEDapparel (clothing)
Confectionery sales
Hanazono Honcho Shopping Street
(Vegetable Cuisine Furenchin)
lunch box
baked sweets
Confectioner’s hermitage ShirahoSales of Japanese sweets such as Strawberry Daifuku
Yamato BrewingLiners Lager
Let’s make liners CANCAN!Can badge making experience
Headquarters Tent
Same-day ticket (advance ticket) sales area & FC admission deskSame-day tickets, advance ticket sales, fan club membership reception
Information & Partner Receptioninformation
Partner Reception
Sales of baumkuchen with Kami7 benefits
1,000 yen discount
Passenger Flight CampaignPassenger Flight Campaign Reception
Receive a greeting ticket
Andean Logisticstruck stage
Rugby ParkRugby experience (cancelled in case of rain)

*The location of the 1,000 yen lucky draw has been changed. It will be held at the day ticket booth and information booth on the south side of the main entrance of the rugby field. Also, baumkuchen with God Seven privilege will be sold here.
The 1,000-yen lucky draw and baumkuchen sales will be from 11:00 until they are gone (roughly until kickoff).


11:00Hanazono Happy Park Start
11:55~.Kochi Prefecture Stage
12:35~.Let’s go to Koba!
12:40~.Valentine Talk Show
13:00End of stage

On-site Events

store selling goods (esp. Western-style apparel and accessories)

The merchandise store will be open again, this time on the right side of the rugby field as you enter from the main entrance. New products are available, so please stop by.

Cheering practice

A cheering practice will be held 30 minutes before kick-off time (around 14:00) inside the Hanazono Rugby Ground No. 1. Players will also appear, so please join us.
*Please join the cheering practice from your seat.

List of player appearances

Hours.LocationPlayers scheduled to participate
From around 11:30 a.m.Rugby ParkHiiragiwa Umemura, Vincent Sefo, Haruki Kanazawa
From about 11:55 a.m.truck stage
(Kochi Stage)
Shinki Ushikubo, Ryosuke Kataoka, Tomoya Kimura, and Nesta Mahina,
Waimana Kapa, Jackson Gardens-Bashop
From 12:40 p.m.truck stage
(Talk Show)
Daiki Miyashita, Reiya Ueyama, Keita Sawara, Akihide Onogi, Toru Fumihiro
From around 14:00Ground No. 1
(Cheering practice)
Kenno Kawamura, Yuki Asaoka

*Scheduled participants are subject to change at short notice.


Higashi-Osaka Hanazono Rugby Stadium (1-1-1 Matsubara-minami, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka 578-0923, Japan)