The final league game on 4/22 is Kids’ Day!
We have prepared many events for kids and are looking forward to seeing you.
Let’s enjoy the last league game of the season to the fullest.
We will provide additional information as needed……………..

Hanamichi Kids Wanted

Acceptance of applications has been closed.
Just before the match, Hanamichi kids are wanted to applaud the entrance of the players!

Application period: April 17, 2023 from 9:00 to April 19, 2023 from 9:00 to 18:00
Target: Elementary school students
Capacity: 50 people (by lottery)

LINKS Free Trial Session

Join Liners Cheerleading Academy [LINKS]for a free public lesson!
Due to popular demand, there is currently a waiting list.

Jersey unveiling

The Liners Future Jersey Contest, in which the design of the future first jersey was voted on. Players will wear the jersey that wins the grand prix and compete in the games.

Off-Site Events

Venue Map



A mini live performance by HANDDRIP, who sings the official support song of the Liners, “Championship”, will be held!
Mini-Live around 11:50 – at the truck stage
Halftime 14:40- at the rugby field
*A spectator ticket is required at halftime.


Liner’s Gourmet appeared!

Liners BARLiners Sour, Liners Soda, Liners Hot Wine, etc.
Liners FOODAustralian meat pie, ★ is finally a dog, ★ with geniburger fries,
★Gee Pie style fried chicken, ★Curry Takoyaki, ★Curry Fifita, ★Meat Sanmai-don
BirdManRadio Yaki, Radio Senbei
fleeting heartVarious kinds of secret fried chicken, limited fried chicken for every game
K’s Kitchen.comWild Roast Beef Bowl, Beef Halami Skewer
BURGER SUEOWaimana burger, french fries, potato tiki, etc.
The Grill FujiRed meat steaks, extra coarse sausages, beef tongue skewers, etc.
Pizza UGOVarious pizzas, Frappuccino
IkichiGotochi Furufuru Potato, Yamato Beef Hormone Tempura, Triple Set, etc.
★ is Liners Collaboration Menu

Exhibit Booth

High Risk Co.Fluffy *to be cancelled in case of rain
public interest incorporated foundation
Donald McDonald House, Inc.
Charities Japan
Donation booth, milk carton donation box creation, kick target
Kowa Company, Ltd.Distribution of Kewpie Alpha Drink and Kewpie Alpha Charge samples
Osumi Sangyo Co. COCORO UNITEDApparel and confectionery sales
Toshin Electric Co.Exhibition and sale of “Cool Worker,” a cooling spray
Higashiosaka City (Crisis Management Office)Crime prevention awareness (distribution of educational items), Anmachi App.
Kawachi Police StationVehicle exhibition, electric mobility rides, children’s uniform fitting, etc.
Hakko MotorsLiner’s Car Exhibit
fire station in the middle of a fire zoneExhibited fire trucks and other vehicles, and Firefighter Mirai-chan made an appearance.
confectioner’s hermitageSales of Japanese sweets such as Strawberry Daifuku
Hanazono Honmachi Shopping Street (Caprice Café and Jyunin Jyunin A.S.Y.)Rice flour cookies, ballpoint pen and bracelet workshop
GEORGE BAKERYSales of bread, baked goods, etc.
Yamato Brewingpassion lager
Higashi-Osaka CityCrime Prevention Awareness (distribution of educational items) Anmachi App.
Let’s make a liner’s badge!Badge making experience
Tickets & FCSame-day tickets, advance ticket sales, fan club membership reception
Information & PartnersInformation, Partner Reception
Higashiosaka City Free Invitation Reception for Elementary School Students
Truck stage provided by Andes Logistics
Rugby Park Rugby experience *to be cancelled in case of rain
HAND DRIP Product Sales BoothHAND DRIP Goods Sales 12:20pm-.
Visitor BoothNEC Green Rockets TOKATSU goods for sale
■Rugby Park participating players *12:30-13:30
Patrick Tafa, Hiiragiwa Umemura, Yuki Asaoka, Keita Sawara, Shinki Ushikubo


11:50HANDDRIP Live
12:30LINKS Experience
13:00Mascot set
13:05PR for Naka Fire Station, PR for Kawachi Police Station, PR for Higashiosaka City

Stage Moderator
Mika Taniyama (TV Personality)

Stage Participant
Mascot set up…Vincent Sefo, Hayato Yokoi, Tsuneyoshi Taufa
Naka Fire Station PR…Keiichi Kaneko, Joshua Nola, Reiya Kamiyama
Kawachi Police Station PR… Keitaro Hitora, Ser José, Ieremiah Mataena

On-site Events

store selling goods (esp. Western-style apparel and accessories)

The merchandise store will be open again, this time on the right side of the rugby field as you enter from the main entrance. New products are available, so please stop by.

Free admission for elementary school students and under if you bring the flyer!

If you bring the free invitation flyer distributed at elementary schools, kindergartens, nursery schools, and children’s schools in Higashiosaka City, elementary school students and younger will be able to watch the games for free. Please come with your family and friends.
▼Linaman & Taufa Tongyue are the landmarks!


Higashi-Osaka Hanazono Rugby Stadium (1-1-1 Matsubara-minami, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka 578-0923, Japan)